PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness Month is observed during the month of June. It serves as a time to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and promote effective treatments. By dedicating this month to PTSD awareness, the aim is to highlight the importance of early intervention, encourage those affected to seek help, and promote access to effective treatments.  Post-Traumatic …

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Blog Image - Take the Moment

Take the Moment: Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year, NAMI encourages us to “Take the Moment” to cultivate an open culture around mental health. See below for a few tips on how to “Take the Moment” every day to break the stigma around mental health and prioritize taking care of your mental health without guilt …

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Women’s Mental Health

For National Women’s History Month, we’re putting the spotlight on women’s mental health. While mental health issues can affect anyone, a person’s mental health is influenced by a combination of genetics and the way they experience the world, which is certainly shaped by gender.

Ritual, Remembrance, and Resilience

November 21 will mark two years since the Christmas Parade tragedy that changed our community forever, creating ripple effects still felt by many today. For some, the events of 2021 feel far away, like another lifetime. For others, it may feel like only yesterday.  Grief and trauma can feel isolating. You may remember the event, …

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Breaking Stigmas and Nurturing Mental Health   

The first day of Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15, which is Independence Day for several Central American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) and the day before Mexico’s Independence Day – that’s why the celebration month runs September 15 to October 15, rather than the first to the end of a month. As we come together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s an ideal time to reflect not only on the rich cultural tapestry that shapes the Hispanic/Latinx community but also on an equally important aspect of well-being: mental health. The Hispanic and Latinx communities have made countless contributions to our nation’s culture and history, but it’s also crucial to address the unique mental health challenges faced by individuals within these communities.

Recognizing Suicide Prevention Month

As we recognize Suicide Prevention Month with NAMI and the United for Waukesha Resiliency Center, here are some tips and thoughts for raising awareness of this issue and enhancing protective strategies. We can all do something to prevent suicide.

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