Re-Framing Resilience

A picture is worth a thousand words and The United for Waukesha Resiliency Center invites you to share your Resilience story through the lens of a camera with professional photographers on June 5, 2024.

Photographs have the power to tell an entire story through the capture of just a moment in time, enabling us to communicate what words might not be able to convey. Both written stories and photos can be cathartic in helping people process their experiences, release & cope with their emotions and find hope and resilience. Stories can also help people feel less alone by forming a connection with others who have shared similar experiences.  Following a community trauma like the 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade, we understand that healing from a trauma is not just healing from the event itself; it involves how you are able to learn about yourself, grow, and manage your life going forward. By blending storytelling with support, our objective is to motivate others in the community to acknowledge their stories and encourage seeking support. 

Local photographers generously contribute their time and skills to provide this event to participants free of charge. These narratives can remain private, shared only with your photographer, or you may have the option to share your story publicly through StoryCorps and a space in our Gallery Night in late summer 2024. The UWRC Team will carefully review each application, striving to accept as many stories of resilience as possible.

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