Healing Ink

Healing Ink tattoo, a blue and orange bird tattoo on a woman's arm
Source: Healing Ink websitehttps://www.healingink.org/

Helping the survivors and families of victims continue to heal physically and emotionally while celebrating the heroism of our first responders. There are many forms of healing, each one working for different communities and people. For many, tattooing is an untapped and powerful resource. The ways in which people find relief in tattooing is varied and individualistic. Manifesting emotional trauma in physical pain, commemorating the day, creating an opportunity for peers to ask questions, beauty or wanting to cover a scar and erase a memory, all provide a sense of agency and independence. We cannot control what happened on that day. We can control how we respond.

United for Waukesha Resiliency Center in partnership with Healing Ink is hosting an event on September 27 and 28 to provide no-cost tattoos to first responders and all those affected by the parade. While the tattoo artists are donating their time/materials, there are thousands of dollars in other costs. We will have mental health providers, psycho-educational workshops, healing activities, food and other resources at the event. Location and registration are in the works. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

See Healing Ink’s remarkable work with the Virginia Beach community: Healing Ink – Virginia Beach on Vimeo

**All donations can be restricted. If you choose to restrict the donation to a specific purpose or group of people, please indicate that when making the donation.